Fear faster and better learning without fear!

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Better and faster learning with the SEESTERNCHEN BALANCE concept

The ideal concept for every child.
LAVIDA-SEESTERNCHEN leads the children on the fastest way to breaststroke, whereby we reach with optimal training paths optimal technique and water situation (BALANCE).
Our learning aids provide a fearless swimming lesson and can be individually adapted to the respective child.
In the course of a diploma thesis in autumn 2008, the effectiveness of our tried and tested concept has been proven.
The course objectives in the respective skill levels were reached by nearly all children already after 4-5 course units!
Your advantages through the SEESTERNCHEN concept:
Flexible - your choices between the course dates are greater
Economical - your wallet is spared, swimming lessons from € 109
Effective - your child learns fearlessly and faster

0% - risk guarantee

Guaranteed! 0% risk - 100% quality!

You can book a complete course and still decide after the first lesson if your child is still taking part in the course or not.
If not, you pay only the first hour - not the whole course

Our water temperatures

We can not compare, but you !!!

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Garching pool 28.5 to 29.5 degrees Celsius
Garching exercise pool 31.0 to 32.5 degrees Celsius
Freising pool 28.5 to 29.5 degrees Celsius

Resignation - service in case of illness

On request, you can take out a travel cancellation insurance for the illness.

On presentation of a medical certificate, individual course days will be refunded.
Course withdrawal rates: up to € 99 Course price: € 7, from € 100 Course price: € 12

Course TV (only in Garching)

Where is this?

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Relax in our bistro with coffee and cappuccino watching the swimming class!

Through our swimming pool camera, our parents can watch the learning progress of their protégés on the television in the LAVIDA bistro. So the children can learn undisturbed and the parents do not have to change clothes to watch!

No waiting lists!

Long waiting lists, no thanks!

We find that waiting lists have nothing to do with modern services.
The summer holidays are just around the corner, where they say "NO TIME TO LOSE" !!!
With us you get until shortly before the beginning of a swimming course course for your child! GUARANTEED!

Bus pick up from private groups and kindergartens

Pick-up service - from the door to the water!

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Our minibuses with special small children's equipment

With our comfort minibuses we pick up the children directly at the kindergarten or an individually agreed stop and bring them back safely after the course has finished.
For individual offers and further information regarding course organization, planning and execution, our office team will be happy to assist you in a personal consultation.
The care of the children is done by us. Upon request, a childcare place in the transfer bus is possible for you without additional fees.

Flexible desired dates

The reality looks like this: At most clubs and swimming schools they get for their swimming course a fixed, immovable appointment with a fixed time and fixed weekday presented.

The LAVIDA swimming school tries to adapt your course wishes as far as possible:
Choice between courses 1 x / week and summer courses
Selection between Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri Selection of 3 course periods in which the desired course is then placed
Selection of 6 skill levels